The best way to spend time on your phone.

New Stuff with Every Scroll

Binky is an infinite feed of random things ("binks") to look at. What will come up next? Cauliflower? Diana Ross? Keep scrolling to find out! Unlike similar apps such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, Binky won't stress you out or make you hate your friends. It just keeps your attention where it belongs: on your phone.

No Stress

Look, all we want from our apps is to see new stuff scroll up from the bottom of the screen. It doesn't matter what the stuff is, so how come other apps keep showing you stuff you don't want to see? When your other feeds are full of that guy you're sick of thinking about, Binky will show you pictures of birds. When you can't think of what to write in a comment box, Binky will write the comment for you.

Just Like A Real App

Binky supports all the other stuff you do to make you feel like you're Doing Something while waiting for the bus or whatever. See a bink you like? You can Like it! You can also re-bink your binks, whatever that means. Do whatever the hell you want in Binky -- no one will ever see it.

Stop staring at a blank phone--use Binky instead!